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In the early 90's, industrial houses in Faridabad were confronted with several problems. With a view to overcome the problems, some active industrialists met together for a common cause and conceived the idea of formulating an organization, which would work actively for the growth and prosperity of not only the individual industrial houses but also for the overall well-being of Trade & Commerce in Faridabad. With this aim in mind, the "Faridabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry" was created. From the very beginning, because of its active participation in all the activities and development of local area, it has attracted top and reputed industrialists of Faridabad.


About the Organisation


As in the case of any structured body, the Faridabad Chamber of commerce & Industry is headed and maintained by several respected individuals, each having a specified role to play. The elected body of Governing Body is like Heart of this Organization and its tenure is for a period of 2 years. The Captain of the Ship is again an elected President who is supported by a Hon. General Secretary as well as Vice Presidents and Chairmen of various Panels. All in all, the structure of the organization is strongly built on a consolidated foundation of mutual harmony, coordination and teamwork. At present, the organization is under the able leadership of Shri S.L. Goyal, who is being dynamically supported by Shri P. Bhatia "Jawa" (Hon General Secretary). Past Presidents and Founder Members too are the guiding force and working together.


Aims & Objectives


The aim of Faridabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) is to create a healthy working atmosphere for its Members to solve the problems in respect of infrastructure. The Association act as a medium of communication between its Members and as a forum for the Members to get their problems across to the concerned authorities. Hereunder are main Objectives:

  • To promote, develop, assist and encourage, commerce, trade and industries, and to create friendly feelings and unanimity amongst Members on all subjects connected with the common good of Members and as much as to have frequent meetings of the Members.

  • To collect and disseminate statistical and other information and to make efforts for the spread of commercial and economic knowledge and managerial skills.

  • To assist the Members of the FCCI in dealing with industrial and labour problems and to prepare Labour Welfare Schemes, and get them implemented.

  • To organize seminars and workshops for the Members to update the knowledge and skill - both technical and managerial.

  • To provide a supporting hand to the District Administration in the implementation of welfare schemes in Faridabad.

  • To assist Members in solving common problems related to Central Excise, Labour, Banking, Employees State Insurance, Provident Fund, Electricity etc. For this purpose, FCCI have different panels, like, on Industrial Relations, Environment & Pollution, Central Excise, Power, Legal Affairs, Income Tax, Sales Tax, Foreign Trade, Employees State Insurance, etc. They keep the Members apprised of the developments taking place around the globe.

  • To honour hardworking and honest Government Officers from time to time, because FCCI believes that the work of extra-ordinary men deserves to be acknowledged, since the appreciation of hard work further motivates its doer and sets him out as a shining example for others to follow.



The upliftment of facilities and infrastructure development of Faridabad area is a continuous process and FCCI is determined and fully devoted to this cause. At FCCI, all the Members believe that they should get conducive atmosphere to work and achieve this target.


In association with the District Administration, FCCI has been actively engaged in organizing exhibitions and trade fairs, like Trade Fest 2002, for promoting Members' products. This has been appreciated both by the industries and District Administration. While the activities are basically for the promotion of trade and industry in Faridabad, at macro level, FCCI is fully committed for developing a pollution free prosperous Faridabad.




Faridabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry

FCCI Centre, Near Tube Well No. 4

Sector 11 B, Faridabad - 121 006

Phones - 91 129 226 9794, 91 129 226 9795

Telefax - 91 129 226 9794


E mail - fcci2002@hotmail.com

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